Name: Hannah Jones

I am thrilled and completely satisfied with the services provided by Maria Andriano and Creative Fitness & Nutrition.

I was referred to Creative Fitness & Nutrition by my previous prep coach and personal trainer.  I signed up for an 8-week comp prep plan that included meal planning and training.  The first most recognisable difference that I was pleasantly surprised to see was how much food I was given in my meal plans, as well as an incredible amount of variety.  I could tell the meal plan was tailored just for me and what I needed, and the fact that the meal plan changed weekly kept it interesting and exciting.  I recognised differences in my performance and how my body responded to this plan straight away.

I have a new appreciation for nutrition and how certain foods affect me as a female and as an athlete who trains hard and often.  I am learning that I have to feed my body specifically to put on more lean muscle as I am a hard-gainer, and that hormones are also a key factor affecting how my body responds to certain foods.

I am also really enjoying the new training program I’m on.  It’s incredibly challenging and involves the heavy lifting that I love and am used, but also incorporates drop-sets, giant sets, and tri-sets to keep it interesting and functional.  I have seen my body – especially my glutes and quads – change completely.  I didn’t think it was possible and I’m loving the results!!

Name: Phyl Coath

My overall feeling is one of deep gratitude and respect for the individualised, passionate and supportive care given by Maria.

 I began my association with Maria April 2016 when she devised my first eating plan. I was undereating, constantly counting calories, weighing every day and struggling with good sleep. I was weight training 3 times a week but I knew in order to get stronger (my goal for training) I needed to start eating properly. What happened within a few weeks of following Maria’s eating plan is reflected in this quote from an email I sent to her.

Every day except for 2 short holidays I have followed 15 monthly eating plans. The happiest thing about it is that I have learned that I can eat 5 beautiful meals every day, definitely not get fat, on the other hand I feel joyous from within because my body is satisfied. It is a truly exquisite feeling after many many years of depleting my body in order not to get fat. Instead of mentally counting calories with every mouthful, I can now relish in the beautiful flavours and different foods and food combinations Maria proposes for me. 

The happiest part of training is the way Maria trusts my body to do heavy weights (despite my age), and then supports me through each set which results in an incredible sense of joy and power as I feel myself breaking barriers and getting stronger. I leave the gym on a “high”.

1. Significant reduction in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass
2. Increased strength
3. From slightly below average bone density to above average!
4. Deepest sleep for many years which is part of my sense of wellbeing.
5. Liberation from 50 years of calorie counting and daily dread of the scales. 

Maria is a wonderful example for all of us. She’s also an exceptional trainer and nutritionist.

Name: Sonia Flaherty

After only 6 months of proper body building competition preparation I stepped on stage for the first time, taking out three first place trophies and have discovered a newfound passion and love for the sport of fitness, weightlifting and competing.

In September 2014 Creative Fitness and Nutrition trainer Maria Andriano created my first ever personalised nutrition plan and weights program. I still  remember my goals at the very beginning, which included- being able to do one unassisted chin up, having abs and most importantly at the time overcoming the eating difficulties I was encountering. I am so proud that I have not only achieved these goals, the never-ending learning and accomplishments have led to a more mentally and physically stronger, determined and liberated me.

Maria’s wholesome and individualised nutrition program- based on high protein and high fibre foods led to the progressive integration of red meat and also carbohydrates (which like many I was afraid to eat) back into my diet, resulting in the ability to lift heavier weights, increased concentration and increased energy levels. As a full time university student studying law and working part-time, Maria has closely adapted my training and nutrition plans to leave me feeling more energised and confident to conquer any challenge and event arising in busy life I lead.

Name: Monica Rich

Fantastic service! Well worth the investment to achieve my goals.

Knowing Maria is there to support me when I feel low and almost ready to quit. Her promptness in responding to my emails and texts.

Feel healthy even when dieting. Feeling stronger with the varied exercise routines and nutrition plans.

Name: Kaitland Burrows

It’s great to be trained, coached, guided and mentored by someone who genuinely cares and knows what to do in order to achieve your personal goals. I always feel like I have continuous support from Maria, and she has become a great friend during my journey thus far with her. Maria’s extensive knowledge, research and her passion for fitness and nutrition is truly reflected in her work and in her every day life. To her, this healthy lifestyle is a way of life, and not a 12 week fitness fad and that is passed on to her clients.

When I first started with Creative Fitness and Nutrition I told Maria of my goals and my pre-existing medical condition which limits my nutrition and needed to be worked around. For many years I was unable to eat food high in fibre as I have an Ostomy (Permanent Bowel problem after a severe case of Salmonella Food Poisoning) but within 3 months of sticking to her nutrition programs that changed fortnightly for me, I was able to re-introduce food that I have not been able to eat for 5 years. I had been to many nutritionists and doctors who had told me that they were unable to help me with my dietary and nutritional issues, but after seeing Maria these issues were cleared up. I also had a personal goal of getting up on stage at sometime, little did I know that Maria would be able to mould and shape me within 3 months to be stage ready and I competed in my first Bikini Novice show with the INBA. After months of hardwork and resolving my nutrition issues, getting up on stage was a very proud moment for me and I cannot wait to get back up there again.

Aside from the physical aspects of being in the best shape of my life and fixing my dietary issues, I think the most important benefit I have taken from my journey thus far is the knowledge, drive and a shift in mentality that I have developed. I now look at food as fuel, and I am beginning to understand why I should eat certain things during certain times of the day. I also have learnt what foods work for my goals and what works against me. Without the guidance and knowledge of Maria, I would not know these things. With all these fantastic changes and developments I have made since joining the Creative Fitness & Nutrition team I cannot wait to grow with the team and Maria. I’m excited for the future.

Name: Talor Martin

I’ve always been a shy self conscious person, but Maria was determined to bring me out of my shell. I’ve learnt and grown stronger, not just physically but as a better individual. Her knowledge and passion towards her work is impeccable and I am grateful to be a part of Creative Fitness. Placing 3rd in my first ever Physique competition was by far the proudest moment; I don’t think anything could have topped that feeling.

I approached Maria in 2013 with a set goal of gaining as much muscle as possible to compete in my first ever Physique competition. Before we could start this process I informed her of some health issues I was concerned about at the time. Maria took me under her wing and got straight to work by providing me with a tailored diet full of the right beneficial nutrients that quickly resolved these issues. If it wasn’t for Maria I would have never stepped out of my comfort zone and achieved the physique I have today.

Name: Joe Dadic

I cannot express my gratitude enough of the fantastic results I have achieved with Maria as my Personal Trainer. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable and provided me a complete program package that encompassed Training, Nutrition and Supplements. Her guidance has enabled me to reduce body fat, build muscle and body toning that has given me a nice balanced physic. What I love about Maria is her passion, friendly nature and down to earth attitude.

If you really want to achieve results go no further than Maria who will support you all the way. You will need to put the effort in however the rewards are well worth it as you feel like a new person with heaps of confidence.

Name: Marcia Mikheal

I am a 43 year old proud mother of 3 amazing boys who mean the world to me. I have a very demanding full time job as an IT Project Manager. I have always been health conscious and somewhat fit; however I only started to take fitness serious enough to compete about 2 years ago when I was encouraged to compete by fellow gym members.

 I had no prior exposure or knowledge to the world of bodybuilding competition and needed someone who would not only coach me well but also teach me as I didn’t know anything. Maria was highly recommended to me by a close friend. During my first meeting with Maria I felt completely safe in her hand as I could tell that she was very knowledgeable and experienced. I decided right there and then that she would be the one to coach me.

Although the journey to my first competition was difficult, Maria was always there for me and believed in me when I had lost faith. She encouraged and supported me not only as a coach but also as a friend. I have since competed 5 times in the last 2 years. 

It was under Maria’s coaching and guidance that I am proud to say that in 2013 I won the INBA Bikini Masters World Championship in Greece less than 6 months after I started preparing for my first competition ever. 

I would like to thank Maria for being an amazing coach and friend as I couldn’t have done it without