Face to Face Coaching with Maria Andriano is the most motivating and effective way to be held accountable and achieving your goals,– period. Why? Because you are getting one-on-one attention from Maria watching your every move and Maria's only mission is that to get you into the best shape of your life!


When training one-on-one with Maria Andriano, you will receive an educational experience. Learning the correct techniques,  and access to Maria’s endless knowledge in training & nutritional. Guiding you to structure a routine of eating well and training correctly so that it becomes a gradual healthy lifestyle change.

A professional and intuitive approach to personal training, involving regular goal setting sessions, lifestyle advice, record keeping, result monitoring and progression planning. You will be closer to your goals with each training session. Imagine how you will feel when you have succeeded in accomplishing a goal you may have previously thought was impossible to achieve on your own! The sense of well-being that can only be found with optimum fitness.

With Maria’s professional sporting background and coaching experience, she really takes pride in reaching the highest standards, while motivating and leading by example, providing you the inspiration, discipline and knowledge required to help you go above and beyond your goals.

Whether you are new to exercise, a seasoned trainer, or an experienced athlete, having Maria Andriano Fitness & Nutrition give you guidance, motivation and support will help you achieve your fitness goals.